Snoop Dogg Is Now Executive Creative and Strategic Consultant For Def Jam Recordings

June 07, 2021 - 04:54 PM - 465 views

Snoop Dogg has a new job. He is now the Executive Creative and Strategic Consultant for Def Jam Recordings. He will assume a role that will allow him to strategically work across the label’s executive team and artist roster.

Snoop will report to Universal Music Group Chairman & CEO Sir Lucian Grainge and Def Jam interim Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Harleston.

Snoop made the announcement  "Now you may wonder, why so late in my career would I wanna work for Def Jam Records?," Snoops says before answering the question. "Lemme tell you why. As a kid, as a young rapper, Def Jam Records was the holy grail of hip-hop. It was the label where all of the artists communicated, connected, put out great music, great videos, movies and they were always on tour together. They were always doing things together. They were like a family."

He also said: "When I got the opportunity, my main focus on Def Jam Records was to go and help the artists and give them love, give them wisdom, guidance, understanding and teach them some tricks that I learned in the game to diversify their portfolio. To not just be rappers, not just be artists, but to be superstars, superheroes, so to speak."

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