Cardi B Surprises Offset With A Lamborghini SVJ

December 15, 2020 - 01:12 PM - 309 views

Cardi B surprised Offset with a $700K Lamborghini SVJ for his 29th Birthday.

This isn't representation of actual car

This comes after Offset gave Cardi B a Rolls-Royce truck for her birthday back in October.

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Offset posted “That’s how you feel? I got to show the world this shit. SVJ man. This the grown man land. There’s only 63 of these in the world. Look at the nose on that bitch. This motherfucker cost seven hunna.”

The couple is known for giving each other expensive gifts. 

Cardi B posted online “Happy birthday Hubs,” she wrote. “I wish you many more. I wish you more positivity,wisdom, health and for God to continue to keep you with a good heart. Thank you soo much for helping me these past months getting my business in line (somebody gotta be the mean 1) I [love] u. Lets turn it up tonight !!”

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